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Organizational Assessment

The recent financial services meltdown, unfriendly yield curve and worsening asset quality have resulted in a need for banks and credit unions to review efficiency and staffing levels, processes and functions to create a foundation for controlled and profitable growth for the future.

Enter Cornerstone Advisors. Our Organizational Assessment provides your institution with pragmatic recommendations that can be used to determine where the organization's focus, energy and time should be directed to improve performance benchmarks and management/profitability reporting – ultimately resulting in capitalized growth and market position.

The Benefits to You

Cornerstone's Organizational Assessment is designed to help your organization define the structures, roles, responsibilities and desired outcomes in critical functions of the institution. To achieve this, we incorporate these steps:

  • From our proprietary database of more than 250 benchmarks across all functional areas of the organization, we establish a baseline of your institution's performance, both internally and against peers. From this benchmarking exercise we create optimal staffing scorecards for the institution.
  • Cornerstone works with you to identify key areas for which the institution should initiate targeted improvement initiatives and profitability improvement plans.
  • We assist in the development of operational dashboards that will be incorporated into ongoing management processes to position the organization for disciplined growth and expansion. These might include
    • reduced operating expenses as a percentage of assets/revenue
    • improved productivity and processes to avoid future cost increases as the organization grows
    • improved quality and consistency of sales and service delivery

The Cornerstone Differentiation

Cornerstone is the leading consulting firm focusing on the benchmarks and best practices relevant to mid-size banks ($1-40 billion in assets) and large, progressive credit unions (assets of $350 million or more). Our proprietary database of over 80 mid-size banks and 70 large credit unions is instrumental in developing your Organizational Assessment and identifying areas of focus for your institution's process and profitability improvement efforts.

We've Done this Before

Here are just a few examples of work we've performed in this area:

  • A fast growing, full-service Massachusetts bank ($1.8 billion)