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Cornerstone Advisors brings some of the brightest and most seasoned professionals to the new world of banking. For more than 15 years, our team has focused on one goal: to deliver tangible business impact to our clients.

Unlike any other firm in the banking and credit union industries, we have taken hundreds of clients from ambitious strategy to gritty execution and high performance. In a partnership with Cornerstone, clients can leverage our leading industry research and benchmarks, access our deep line of business and operational expertise and take advantage of our unmatched vendor and contract pricing knowledge. Armed with this deep information and expertise, our clients level the playing field against national banks and negotiating effective partnerships.

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GonzoBanker Credit Union Chief Lending Officer Roundtable 2017

  Join experts from Cornerstone Advisors in an open group discussion about how credit union…

Upcoming Events

GonzoBanker Chief Information Officer Roundtable Spring 2017

Join experts from Cornerstone Advisors in an open group discussion about how bank CIOs will…

We Provide

Unmatched advisory services

Cornerstone Advisors has the experts and the expertise to help banks and credit unions reduce costs, increase revenue and stay competitive.

Multidisciplinary Experts

Cornerstone Advisors was founded by some of the financial industry's most respected strategy and technology consultants.

Insightful and Actionable Research

Our studies and reports, online newsletters and white papers help you broaden your exposure to industry trends and increase performance.

Tools to help You Grow

Our exclusive database of benchmarks can identify millions of dollars of process improvements and cost savings for you.

Mastering the SLA Shuffle

Vendors that want to walk the walk of being a true partner will make SLAs part of their standard contracts and not make their clients go through an elaborate dance to get what regulators tell them they have to have.

Are Video Teller Machines the ‘Branch of the Future?’

Analyzing incremental benefits, costs, strategic alignment and customer impact to determine if ITMs make sense are key ingredients of this very high-stakes decision.